An Italian in New York:
my adventure in the Big Apple!

Hello to all dear readers, today I really want to tell you about an adventure I took part in for a few days. Outside the sun shines on the trees and illuminates the birds that hide in them, while I am forced to wait for the end of a five-day quarantine locked in a room on an American campus.

But why am I in America?

Let’s proceed step by step: on August 30 of this crazy 2021 I boarded a plane, or as I prefer to call it: “flying can”, headed to New York: the city of a thousand possibilities.

Not many months ago I decided to leave, leaving my family, my beloved home and above all my friends, as well as my dog ​​Dante and my kitten Minù for a year, to start my life to discover America. During these years spent in my small Tuscan village I felt limited, with few possibilities and experiences … I felt I wanted to savor some news and experience fresh emotions.

Moreover, since I was a child I have been used to traveling, admiring the beauty of every culture, especially thanks to my father who has traveled the world far and wide.

In love with this Country

I loved America from the first moment I set foot there; I still remember the first time I admired the imposing New York skyscrapers, or when, delighted by a very soft Starbucks blueberry muffin, I watched people running around with a cappuccino in hand from inside the bar.

I’ve always found that lifestyle intriguing and I absolutely had to be a part of it! So here I am, enclosed within the walls of a huge campus in the woods of Thornwood, a town about forty minutes north of Manhattan, waiting for the end of this short five-day quarantine.

Fortunately, in a few days the boredom will pass, but I will have to start studying: school begins on 9 September, I will meet my new classmates and above all I will test a different teaching method. I am also delighted that at the end of this school year I will know English like the back of my hand, or at least I hope so! ;) I can’t wait to explore this immense place and get to know new people, being fascinated by cultures and customs different from mine.

My dreams about the city

For now I am in the room with a really nice Polish girl with whom I made friends very easily, a perfectionist more than me but very special. Together we decided to furnish our room making it unique and to go shopping once the quarantine was over. A Japanese girl, a food lover like me, also arrived and brought an entire suitcase of Japanese delights from home: I can’t wait to taste something I’ve never tried before!

But above all, I look forward to being able to get out of this room and head to New York, shopping, laughing and having new experiences. I dream of going back to Central Park, witnessing the lighting of the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center and speeding across the ice with hundreds of other people. I am thrilled to put on a huge furry coat and go out snowballing, and then warm myself up with a hot chocolate accompanied by soft marshmallows.

The very last thing I want to do is share my love for cooking with everyone around me, transporting Tuscany and its delicacies around with me. I really hope we will have themed days where you can show the magnificence of each country… or cooking competitions! Oh my God, that would be truly gorgeous! In any case, I really think that I will show my Tuscan cookery book far and wide, maybe I will meet some passionate like me!

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