how to cook pasta like an italian

How to cook Pasta like an Italian: a step by step guide

Pasta, a story where passion and flour go hand in hand downtown. As a good lover of the Italian culinary tradition that I am, I could not deprive you of this short chapter focused on one of the fundamental preparations, almost vital for my place of origin. It is known that pasta is now loved by the whole world: young and old alike, this pearl of Italian culture brings a smile to the face of smile to anyone looking for a little comfort. A menu which is considered worthy of being tasted can only include a first course of pasta. With its versatility, it is a world waiting to be discovered and explored: it can be seasoned with anything, so give vent to creamy sauces, as for the famous carbonara, or meat accompaniments, nothing better than a pasta with ragout, as well as fish or vegetables.

It represents the essence of the Italian culture, a precious jewel that shines in the night like an earring on an Ethiopian’s cheek (Shakespeare, “Romeo and Juliet”). I believe that if a foreigner ever had the opportunity to visit Italy and venture into an ancient local kitchen, sitting around a wooden table, surrounded by copper bowls and pots, would be struck by such beauty and harmony. Exactly the same feeling I had every time every time my grandmother pronounced the fateful phrase “I’m throwing the pasta”: three words that open the doors of happiness.

how to cook pasta like an italian step to step

Pasta “al dente”: some tips to do it perfect!

Preparing the perfect dish of pasta, however, is not as easy as many might expect. For us lovers of the homeland, knowing how to make it in a workmanlike manner is a boast that cannot be destroyed and therefore I would not like to take for granted that everyone knows how to prepare it in the strictest sense: cooking pasta “al dente” is easy, but you need to know how to do it.

Therefore I would like to give you a few simple guidelines which will allow you to love pasta in all its facets and colors. In case you should however be already  familiar with this mystical and precious art, you just have to leave out this short paragraph and enlighten yourself with some very juicy preparations!

  1. First of all, the pot used must inevitably be large, with high edges. As for the tastiness, which is fundamental, tradition specifies 1 liter of water and 10 grams of salt for every 100 grams of pasta.
  2. Salt must be added to the water only when the latter will has reached boiling point, so let your grains slide in and let them melt slowly.
  3. Next, add the pasta, which has been forbidden before, and allow it to gradually slide gradually into the pot. Regarding the right degree of cooking, this depends on the time indicated on the package and, above all, on personal tastes. For this reason I think it is inevitable
  4. the use of the old and dear fork for the taste test, which I love to grant to my brother glutton. When you have reached the desired level, which can change from family to family (this is why I believe it is necessary to make compromises), drain and season as you like. Enjoy!
how to make pasta

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