My Trip To California:
lots of food, fun and celebration!

In the summer of 2019, when life was still carefree and the biggest problems for me were the outfits I had to wear for the countless 18th birthdays I would have throughout the year, I had the opportunity to visit California, a beautiful place bursting with life.

A dear friend and I left on the 3rd day of that sultry month of July and had the best trip of our lives, accompanied by the best study holiday group possible: EF! EF is definitely the most capable agency I turn to every time I have to go abroad without my parents: organized, precise and safe. I’ve had my best experiences with EF and I’ll soon have another important one, but we’ll talk about that later.

My Trip to California:
Discovering American Flavours

I remember so many great things about America, but the first that comes to mind? THE FOOD. Drawn in by those fat, succulent American delicacies, my friend and I were forever eating. I remember corn dogs, churros, burritos, macaroni and cheese, not to mention American pizza! Don’t get me wrong, but I definitely fell in love: that mountain of stringy mozzarella made this dish even more sensational.

As soon as we stepped on the plane, already in the “American style” mood, we started to taste everything we had never tasted before. I remember that on the very evening of our arrival, tired and exhausted, we went to one of those big American supermarkets, where you can also find a sort of built-in self-service. Bewitched by those inviting smells, we began to pick up plates upon plates of everything, and people looked at us strangely. It was the first time I tasted macaroni and cheese and I was thrilled. I don’t know why I still haven’t made it at home.

In the mornings, when we had a little more time before class, we would have a quick trip to IHOP, a famous American bar where they make the best pancakes in the world. Dozens of variations, each one better than the last. It was fun to watch the locals sitting next to us and their tables of food: pancakes of all kinds, fried eggs with bacon and huge cups of coffee dominated the table.

But how could they eat it all? I still haven’t found an answer to my question. In any case, there were two sins of gluttony that I was most delighted with: banana and strawberry pancakes for breakfast, with their super softness, and a burrito with scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, fried potatoes, avocado and cheddar for a snack, a wonderful reinterpretation of the typical Mexican dish. Once we visited an outlet near the campus, although calling it an outlet is a bit of a misnomer. It was a world of discovery, as big as a holiday village.

But it was not only the shops that were huge, but also the bars, restaurants and above all the food. To make sure we had everything we needed, we bought an ice cream that looked great: it was massive, I had never seen an ice cream like that. Basically it represented an entire lunch, and maybe even a dinner; you could even find drips inside it!!! Fortunately, the college where we were studying in the morning was quite far from the campus, so we got plenty of exercise, otherwise who would have managed to get back on the plane!


Lots of Laughs at the Best
Amusement Parks in California

Besides eating, and eating, and eating, you should know that we also visited beautiful places and cities. The place I was most impressed by was Disneyland: an enchanted world where children have fun together and adults rediscover their childhood.

There I was persuaded, after many attempts, to go on one of those huge roller coasters (I admit I am terribly scared but what can I do? I love solid ground and safety!). At first it literally seemed like hell, but then you know what? Done with my friends, even the fear had turned into joy. At Disneyland I even made friends with Winnie the Pooh and the little donkey Ih Oh, not forgetting tiger :).

Finally, that wonderful day could only end with some magnificent fireworks, so beautiful that I was moved. I can’t tell you how and why, but I saw again, in that show accompanied by music, all my childhood quickly flown away. Of course, I am still sixteen, but time is flying by so fast that soon I will be forty, seventy… soon

I will no longer remember those moments spent playing with dolls, creating wonderful love stories for them. But without saying too much, another important stage of the trip was the Universal Studios: a universe of games. Very similar to Disneyland but much more technological and spectacular. Can you believe I flew with Harry Potter! Being the good ‘Potterhead’ that I am, it was a bit of a shock, to say the least.

San Francisco and Las Vegas

On weekends we were often taken to visit the most beautiful cities nearby, including Las Vegas and San Francisco. I must say that, despite their great fame and spectacular illuminations, I was not so impressed by them. Of course, there is no denying that Las Vegas is unique in the world: with the lights dominating the streets, the dancers entertaining visitors and those huge fountains creating beautiful water features, not to mention the impressive skyscrapers, Las Vegas is a merry-go-round that never stops spinning.

But the things I remember most about Las Vegas? THE HORSES and the unbearable heat. You’re probably wondering what grasshoppers have to do with it: well my friends, they were popping up all over the place. Don’t ask me why but I always had some on me, flocks of those green insects dominated the streets and they were terrifying!!!

Lastly, the heat: a very impressive heat. I remember there were average temperatures of 40°C! In San Francisco, on the other hand, the wind ruled. Gusts of wind ruffled our hair and a considerable cold froze our hands even though it was July. What I particularly remember about San Francisco are the big, steep climbs, on top of which it was possible to admire the whole American landscape.

As I think you have understood, I have fallen in love with that part of America and I can’t wait to go back as soon as possible. I recommend everyone to stop there at least once in their life but above all I recommend to travel. Travel and explore the world because the earth is so beautiful, and our lives so ephemeral and fleeting, that living it by loving what surrounds us is definitely the best way to live it.

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