“A father’s tears and fears are unseen, his love is unexpressed, but his care and protection remains as a pillar of strength throughout our lives.”

– Ama H. Vanniarachchy –

Hello my dear readers,

today I would like to spend a few words for the person who most changed my existence, forged my soul and watered the roots of my oak trees. I dedicate this special day to you “daddy”, even though you are and will always be my “father”, so that you may be remembered forever between the lines written with the heart by the stubborn daughter you raised, but who deep down loves you infinitely.

First of all I would like to tell you quickly about him, even though I would not be able to express his essence even if I looked for the words in a dictionary. My dad’s name is Pierluigi and he’s the best man I’ve ever met, he makes every person around him happy with his will to live, he knows how to make the sun shine on a stormy day.

father's day 2021

I don’t know how to express my feelings like any other person, I’m not very affectionate, but one thing I can say: he is my daddy, and I will always be the stick in his old age. I’m not good with gifts, and giving them to him is always a drama because he literally has everything in this world, so this year I’m just going to write, although he’ll probably never know since he’s not aware of this blog ;) .

father's day 2021

My Father’s day 2021: cooking with my hearth

This year I won’t be frantically visiting thousands of stores at the last minute to donate an item like any other to him who gave me his heart, this year I’ve decided to cook. As trivial as it may seem and as much as it has become a daily occurrence, I can assure you that if done with the heart, cooking is the best demonstration of love. After all, just think of the care and passion used, not to mention the hours, to make a cake that looks spectacular, or not, but in any case in the eyes of a father will be so.

My Father’s day recipe ideas

These enlightening days, be they birthdays, parties or simply Sunday lunches, have always been for my family a reason for conviviality and joy. Amidst the noise and laughter, the adventures and anecdotes of the previous days are recounted, as well as funny episodes that occurred in times long past. So on these occasions I often delight in cooking in the preparation of sumptuous cakes, or pretty pastries, not to mention the crispy cookies for the snack. So here are my Father’s day recipe ideas!

The first course: Tuscan lasagna recipe

I love to extrapolate from simple foods the majestic goodness of desserts that delight the eyes, satisfy the palate. Without neglecting that smell of good and intense that spreads in every corner of the house, which tenderly embraces people making them better. And that feeling that is created when at the end of the banquet, after enjoying a satisfying meal, I show the guests gathered around the table, surrounded by sparkling cutlery and embellished plates, the icing on the cake that everyone was waiting for.

I love the light that pierces their eyes, I love the sigh of relief that emanates from the first bite, followed by an enchanting smile. My first Father’s day recipe idea for you is Tuscan lasagna.

Classic Tuscan Lasagna recipe

Yes, my father loves lasagne! They are a great classic, that brings hearts together, closes wounds. The creaminess of a delicate béchamel sauce, the meat sauce, the crispy crust: lasagna is simply a spectacle.

No dessert, no party!

Dessert for us Italians is not only the culmination of sharing a meal, but rather a moment of pure conviviality. It represents the second act of a wonderful performance: the curtain rises, the protagonists are spoon desserts, tarts, Italian biscuits, fruit and… coffee. Sometimes even a glass or two of sweet wine or liquor, if you don’t want to miss anything.

There is no party without dessert, there just isn’t. Just like there is no story without a father, there really is not. So dear readers, if you too want to make your dad’s eyes shine by returning the love that he has given you for all this time, cook for him my Tuscan Tiramisù recipe!


Tuscan Tiramisù

Vittoria and Tiramisù. We are like two souls that merging, two hearts beating in unison. It is its sensational cream that makes everything so wonderful. A delicious sweet gift for you Dad.

Father’s day gift idea

Family italian recipes and beautiful Tuscan places

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