olive oil Mayonnaise

Olive oil mayonnaise

The best sauce you can offer your guests is a good face and frank friendliness. Brillar Savarin said, “inviting someone to dinner is the same as taking charge of their happiness for as long as they dwell under your roof.” Mayonnaise is definitely the best of sauces to make everything a pinch better, especially fish.

Universally loved, it is often abused even in its less appetizing form, that is the industrially packaged one. Once upon a time its preparation required a practiced manual skill, whereas today with modern blenders anyone is capable of whipping it in a perfect way. Its caloric value, just like most of the sauces, is pretty high and cholesterol is present in excessive quantities. This is the reason why this delicious sauce is usually associated to fish, light, healthy and poor in cholesterol, calories and fats.

In fact sauces, and among them mayonnaise, have the main function of seasoning boiled or grilled foods, that is cooked in the simplest way, by enlivening them and making them more appetizing and appetizing. It is enough to think about how divine mayonnaise is with lobster, which is a delicious fish, but if not properly prepared, it can be stodgy and sometimes difficult to digest, as well as being weak.

When we go to a restaurant and a beautiful lobster or a wonderful lobster appears in front of us, my father always asks for a quintal of mayonnaise to go with it, by now it has become a “must” for us.


There are millions of versions and derivatives of mayonnaise, but the one that is usually prepared involves the use of seed oil, which makes it more velvety and less intense flavor. However, it is also possible to prepare it with olive oil if you like a more full-bodied note.

Today I have brought you the second version, with Torciano oil, which is rather strong, but in case it is too intense for you you can use half dose of olive oil and the other half of seeds.
Also try the yogurt variant that is made by adding a few tablespoons of white yogurt to the mayonnaise ;)

Olive oil mayonnaise

Olive oil mayonnaise is definitely the best of sauces to make everything a pinch better, especially fish.
Prep Time 10 minutes






  • To perfectly prepare a classic and very easy homemade mayonnaise, separate the yolks from the egg whites and start whipping the yolks with a whisk along with a pinch of salt and pepper. While continuing to beat them with the whisk, slowly pour in the olive oil until the mixture has thickened and has the shape of a proper mayonnaise. If the mayonnaise tears, which can happen if you add too much oil at once, start over with just one yolk and gently add the torn mayonnaise as if it were oil.
  • Then add 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and 1 tablespoon of vinegar so that the mayonnaise lightens. Refrigerate until ready to use so that the flavors come together and make such a delicious treat!


  • To prepare flavored mayonnaise, use the same procedure as for the mayonnaise above, but start with the flavored oil and then finish with the seed oil. You can also use olive oil instead of seed oil, but the result will be a mayonnaise with a more intense flavor.


  • Prepare an olive oil mayonnaise, or a classic seed oil mayonnaise, and let it rest. In the meantime, crush 6 garlic cloves in a mortar until they turn into a cream and add them to the mayonnaise. Enjoy your meal!



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