Trattoria da Omer, Modena

San Gimignano ha sempre vissuto in me, ed io in lui, come un ricordo al quale non vuoi cedere, per paura di perderti. È un piccolo paesello di infinita bellezza dove il tempo sembra essersi congelato nel Medioevo: gli edifici sono straordinariamente imponenti, la maestosità del Duomo e delle sue torri è quasi minacciosa. Soggiornare a San Gimignano è come imbarcarsi sopra una macchina del tempo e retrocedere di secoli: mi immagino di ripercorrere uno ad uno i passi dei pellegrini che, seguendo la Via Francigena, attraversavano questa cittadina per raggiungere la possente capitale, Roma.

Nel suo caotico intreccio di piccole viuzze che, come in ogni borgo medievale che si rispetti, si intrecciano tra loro come un gomitolo di lana, puoi perderti senza aver la preoccupazione di voler ritrovare la strada di casa.

Sun, wine and lots of food

A three-hour drive, traffic, and lots of music in my ears: that’s the wake-up call for Friday, May 7 2021. For work reasons my family and I had to travel to Bergamo and, between a sudden attack of hunger and the exhaustion of the trip, we decided to stop for lunch in in Modena, which was on our way, and venture into its long but narrow alleys. Needless to say, we took a wrong turn about ten times making the longest scenic route of my life, but it was definitely a thrilling experience. Modena is a city characterized by a majestic charm, it is a place rich in art… but above all in flavors. What else to do but take advantage of this opportunity to delight in new culinary gems? So, on the advice of dear friends who love good taste, we decided to book a table at “Trattoria Da Omer“.

I don’t know how I could describe that little gem on the street other than “unique”. We spent a wonderful day thanks to the passion of the owner and the energy with which he lulled us towards the most intense sins of gluttony. Sun, wine and food: the trio that opens the doors of paradise.

Trattoria “Da Omer” stands out for the refined attention to detail, embellishing the preparations with enchanting colors and especially loving the taste for antiques with swanky saucers. But particularly for the goodness they serve: I haven’t tasted the pleasure of fried brains in a long time, not to mention a perfectly prepared garden salad, as well as a juicy cotechino “in jail” accompanied by indescribable mustards.

I remained enraptured but undeniably undecided by the accurate list of delicacies told to us in a nice and impeccable way by sympathetically and impeccably by Simone, the owner, I could not deny myself an “elephant’s ear” (a very soft and huge Milanese cutlet). Never tasted like this, ever. Breaded, but not fried: the wit of this restaurant, in my opinion, is to understand the customer’s need not to get too heavy even if you eat appetizers, a first course, and a dessert of a thousand and one nights.

So yes, that was a classic pork chop beaten very finely, breaded with egg and breadcrumbs, but it was cooked in the pan, my friends: soft and juicy inside, crispy and tasty outside. Accompanied by some crispy slices of bacon, this “elephant ear” left a mark in me, a groove to fill, and fill, and fill…

A glourious ice cream: Gelateria Bloom

Finally, to divinely end that carefree Friday lunch, we refreshed ourselves with a divine and enlightening ice cream from an ice cream shop a few meters away: “Gelateria Bloom”. I have literally have no words to describe it, I simply feel overwhelmed. That ice cream… mamma mia what an ice cream! I’ve never tasted anything like it, I swear. Zabaione, cocoa and toasted almonds covered in crunchy chocolate: the icing on the cake of a perfect day.

In my short life I have traveled far and wide, I have tasted many kind of dishes but I never tried an ice cream like the one from the Gelateria Bloom. When I later found out that it was also sugar-free, at that point I can say that I lit up with immense enthusiasm.

So, if you ever find yourself in Modena, I heartily recommend a stop at the charming “Trattoria Da Omer” and an escapade to the delicious Gelateria Bloom. Let me know what you think!

With love,


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